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BetterView inspections combine drone-based data capture with expert analysis. While we are an end-to-end solution, we offer various plans to meet your specific needs.

Economy Plus Full-Service
starting at $90
starting at $105
starting at $150
PLAN You Plan
BetterView Plans
BetterView Plans
FLY You Fly
You Fly
BetterView Flies
ANALYZE BetterView Analyzes BetterView Analyzes BetterView Analyzes
* Volume discounts available

Please provide us more information and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your needs.

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Our Services

  • Extensive flight plans for every propery location.
  • Safety guidelines for the pilot to follow, including emergency landing procedures.
  • Preflight checklist to ensure consistent flight quality.
  • Flight patterns that ensure all information is gathered to meet our analysis guidelines.
  • Simple online order form to expedite process.
  • Fast turnaround time: 3 weeks for most metropolitan areas.
  • Personal contact with the insured to set an appointment directly.
  • Only high definition quality images; all drones used meet the minimum quality standards of BetterView 12 Megapixel HD camera.
  • Software is used in conjunction with an experienced roofer to analyze each picture and find problems that need to be addressed.
  • Feedback includes: estimated lifetime of the roof. suggested actions, and much more.
  • A report is generated to optimize effciency and pinpoint problem areas, including marked photos to highlight the problems directly.