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A great story, a growing team, and a commitment to helping you succeed.

Our Story

BetterView was founded in 2014 by David Lyman and David Tobias. David Tobias was born into the insurance industry having grown up in the family business of performing property inspections. Realizing that the number one most problematic part of any property was the roof, he teamed up with his fellow Bay Area friend David Lyman to find a solution. David Lyman is a repeat startup founder with a deep background in enterprise software.

BetterView continues to grow due to the hard work of a number of talented and dedicated team members. Chief Pilot Armin Monajemi works with a number of drone hardware companies to ensures that our software stays ahead of any updates. Armin is a FAA certified pilot who works with a number of government liaisons to get flight permissions and ensure that our operators follow all regulations and safety procedures.

Our dedicated engineers have years of experiences in application programming. They work tirelessly to continue rolling out our already robust database system, update our mobile application, and handle custom one-off client requests to better enhance our service.

The operations team at BetterView handles all the order verification, operator communications, and works to build out new reporting models. If you need a specific data output, are wondering about a site to survey, or have any questions on an order these are the folks who handle that request.

We are business creators and growers with Insurance & Construction industry expertise and Military flight ops and training.

David Lyman

Co-founder & CEO

David has built various businesses and information systems. Most recently he was the technical co-founder of NutshellMail, which he sold to Constant Contact in 2010.

David Tobias

Co-founder & COO

Dave scaled an insurance loss control company, Research Specialist Incorporated, to >30k inspections per year with >500 inspectors across the United States.


Prasanna Ghadage

Flight Operations

Xavier Andriske

Risk Analysis

Amelia Lyon

Fulfillment & Quality Assurance

Sales & Marketing

Armin Monajemi

Chief Pilot & Solutions Engineer

Alex Tan

Sales & Marketing


Tim Marshall


Warren Ng


Aaron Ackerman


Petr Gerasimenko



Dave Markert

Advisor & TG Instructor


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Founded in 2014, BetterView uses drones to provide a safe, easy, and cost-effective way to capture comprehensive aerial building imagery and data so you can make insightful business decisions.

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